Computer programs on Twixt

As for Go, it is hard to write a program for Twixt although the rules are quite simple. The number of possible moves is large and judging a board position is fairly difficult. For these reasons, currently no program for TwixT exists which cannot be easily beaten by an experienced human Twixt-player.

Known Twixt-programs are:
  • The Twixt-playing program, which was formerly hosted at, can now be found here. It looks nice, but plays not too strong. (2001, Java, German language.)
  • pvs-bot, which was hosted on the k2z Twixt server, only smaller sizes 12x12 were supported (mid-2004)
  • one program by "ab" (littlegolem): a modified version of T1 (C++), with own ai (and slightly changed Gui) [it was called T2]; played good opening, but later lots of bad moves ...
  • See this page for some information about the program "T1" (2004, C++).
  • See this page for some information about the program "T1j" (2006, Java). The 2nd version is the best program, currently.
  • MaraTwixtPP: see "Do it yourself" page:This is a try to animate people to write their own TwixtBot. It's some kind of template where the GUI is implemented and you just can fill in your code to calculate the next move based on the given information.
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